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EVents/2006 02 05

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Electric 'Power Breakfast' this Sunday at the Village Inn, Portland

Per EVDL_Maillist:2006./2./144

Hello to All,

This Sunday, Feb. 5th, we are having another one of our fun electric breakfasts here in Portland at the Village Inn restaurant at 102nd & S.E. Stark St. at 9:00 AM. All friends and EVers are invited to pull up a chair, stuff their face, and enjoy the rowdy noise at our table. Notable EVers that I know will be there so far, are Father Time, Rod Wilde, Tim Brehm, Jim and Matt Husted, and yours truly. Rudman usually can't resist the temptation, and Marko Mongillo might make it, too. Hopefully, Victor can bring his ACRX and Ralph Merwin can show up in his immaculate electric Prism. Tim and I will be driving White Zombie and Blue Meanie, so local EVers, drive electric if you can.

See Ya.......John Wayland

Per EVDL_Maillist:2006./2./340

Hey all

Well I’m back on my side of the mountain after a long and EVentful day from the Wayland breakfast. Some may have heard that there were areas in the NW that really got pounded by winds. Winter storm warnings were posted for all the mountain passes Saturday night, so I had been eyeballing the road conditions nervously. As it turned out Sunday was clear and the passes were not all that bad, but were just littered with tree debris, so they got some wind last night.

I showed up at Waylands a few minutes early just as Father Time was arriving. After a short chat as others arrived, John and Tim started pulling out Blue Meanie, and White Zombie as EVeryone loaded up. John must have saw me eyeballing WZ’s empty passenger seat and asked me if I wanted to ride with Tim in WZ (yea twist my arm, lmao). Well John’s wife Cheryl told Tim to keep the lid closed and the demon in the box 8@(

Tim and I although familiar with the area have always just followed the leader to the restaurant but today we found ourselves leading John. We took a right (the long way) and Wayland went straight. Well this left Tim without prying eyes and well boys will be boys. Cruising at around 35 mph Tim pumps the GO pedal and woke the Zombie up from a long winters sleep. I’ve ridden in Blue Meanie and I’ve ridden in some fast cars before, but there’s just nothing like the Zombie liking your back and sticking it to its seat 8^ o Well, we arrived in quick fashion and settled into a great breakfast and fun conversation. I got to sit next to Father Time and Richard Rau with Jay Donnaway next to Richard. This was great because I got to talk with the guys about their motors.

FT had a finished bearing hub for the DE plate for the 13” twin to Waylands interpoled beast for his racer bug. FT has an idea for me to try that will make it a tad different than the Allis Chalmers that John has, should be fun, we’ll see how it pans out, hehe. I had hoped to bring a finished motor for Richard Rau as it was his Birthday today, but I couldn’t make it happen 8^ ( We were able to discuss face to face some of his motor details. Jay had to leave early so we didn’t get much time to chat (until later). There had to be 12 + EV’ers there it seemed and although I knew a lot of the faces I’ve yet to really get to know some of them yet, so names escape me (not to mention my brain is fried).

Although breakfast was 2 hours long it was over in a flash. We exited to find this really cool 1917-21 Melbourne light electric car parked out front. I took a couple pics I’ll post. After the excitement simmered the crowd faded back to John’s place. Tim and I found our selves leaving last. I was ready to jump in when I noticed an elderly gentleman heading our way which for him was I’m sure top speed. He had seen the cars and was trying to make it over but they had all glided away before he could make it. Tim popped the hood and we took a few minutes to share. Turns out he’s a retired engineer, he asked me if all the guys were engineers? I told him not as many as you’d think, just smart backyard ampheads. You just couldn’t miss the EV smile that cracked as we parted ways.

Tim and I find our selves back in the Zombie and a nice relaxing ride home 8 O

I had a meeting with Mark Freidberg to look at his Electra van motor. Being there was a thread here about that motor type he wrote me about taking a look. Being I was now 15 miles away it worked out nice. I bipped over and popped his cover band. His motor was running fine, but I did notice his brushes are in need of replacement. They are the H-100 grade so this leads me to believe the carbon set in the other van motor was an improper grade and at least added to the brush wear problem. Mark took me out for EV ride number 2 and with the day passing quickly I had to jam. I had told John I’d stop back by before heading out, so I shot back to John’s house.

Well I don’t know what Tim and John had talked about while I was gone but when I arrived they were juicing up WZ and asked me if I wanted another ride. Well my arm feels pulled out of the socket from all the twisting all day 8^ ) Wayland tells me they got the batteries topped now! What the hell does that mean?

All goodie too-shoes better stop reading…

Tim pulls out and sets up for a right turn onto Glisan Ave. I see a couple of cars coming but they aren’t to close and Tim strokes the Zombie and we find our selves almost 180. Tim cranks the wheel as he tries to control the beast he just awoke. There has to be a 100 foot of S marks laid. When Tim had the Zombie reigned straight he punched it good as the Zombie pinned me into the seat once again. Tim’s not crazy so we putted passed the police station, trying to look casual (WITH ALL THE RACE DECALS)… Mostly we BS’ed as we just cruised on electric wings, it was so awesome. Jumping onto Stark we headed back home. My phone rang just as Tim spurred Zombie again (try answering your phone while being pinned to your seat, lmao). It was Jay asking me where I was? I told him I was getting the crap scared out of me in WZ, LMAO! Being I was still in town he wanted to run some parts out to me before I left. Tim and I made it back to

Wayland’s where he was freaking we were gone so long. He asked us what we were doing when we did the corner deal? I bucked my teeth and chirped rapidly. He said what the hell is that? I told him we were squirreling! LMAO. Ten minutes later my cheeks still hurt from smiling and well I must have looked like the Joker on Batman 8^ )

As with all the Events I’ve been able to attend it flew by all to quick. I was looking at a long drive home and said my goodbyes. Before I left we discovered I had a rock in my tire and it was leaking (I told John to stop picking at it, hehehe). I opted to change the tire and Wayland whipped out the air tools and well, better there then on the road. The trip home was long and uneventful, but I was kept company with my thoughts of riding the White Zombie. I want to say that it was all done as safely as could be done and Tim showed great skill. Besides the dog, the two pedestrians, the tri-met train, and the semi, it was a ride without incident! For those not into the race thing… Get Tim to give ya the Plasma tour sometime!

Just had to share what a great day it was for those who couldn’t attend.

Jim Husted
Hi-Torque Electric