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EPClass Schedule

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Register at or call Continuing Education office 206-764-5339.

March 18, 2013 to March 23, 2013 Electric Vehicle Intensive Conversion Workshop

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm; 6 sessions starting March 18, 2013, ending March 23, 2013

Class Description: This workshop guides you through the complete process of converting a vehicle from an internal combustion engine to electric power. Lectures are combined with hands-on shop sessions. In just 6 days students will be accelerated through the learning and building process that normally takes people months or years! Learn what tools to get and how to use them as well as the principles behind good component layout, battery rack and box design and construction and wiring, with hands-on experience installing the components. You will also learn how to apply these principles to various types of vehicles, and about the differences between AC and DC drive systems as well as different types of batteries and recommendations on the latest and best components. Whether you are planning to build your own EV, start a conversion business or even want to know more about the parts in your factory built EV, this class will put you ahead of the rest.

Instructor: Johnsen
SSCC, Automotive Technology Building (AUT), Rm. AUT 106
Class Fee: $925.00

March 5, 2013 Electric Vehicle-Designing the Battery Box

Tuesday, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm; 1 session starting March 5, 2013, ending March 5, 2013 Class Description Come gain tips and design considerations for an electric vehicle battery box. Talk about the purpose, the materials to use, placement in the vehicle and access needed depending on the type of batteries used.

Instructor: Johnsen
Rm. AUT 106
Class Fee: $45.00

February 26, 2013 Electric Vehicles-Batteries

Tuesday, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm; 1 session starting February 26, 2013, ending February 26, 2013

Class Description: Whether you have a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, a car that just uses electricity stored in batteries, or a car that runs on gasoline but uses a battery to run the accessories, you will want to know this information. Topics covered will include: general overview of popular suitable batteries for EVs, comparison of costs and specs of various available batteries, calculating the kWhr rating of my pack, ways to extend battery life, and charging and recycling of batteries.

Instructor: Johnsen
Rm. AUT 106
Class Fee: $45.00

February 21, 2013 Electric Vehicle Safety Systems

Tuesday, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm; 1 session starting February 21, 2013, ending February 21, 2013 Class Description: We all learned not to play with matches around our gas tanks. Electric vehicles are a different animal. Whether you are an owner or you want to be an EV builder, learn how to stay safe when working with electric vehicle systems. The information in this class is a summation of industrial electric safety combined with lessons learned in the EV conversion and racing community from the past 30 years. Learn to keep yourself and your vehicle safe.

Instructor: Wright
Rm. AUT 106
Class Fee: $35.00

October 8, 2011 Previously offered: Converting to Electric: A Sample of Electric Vehicles

Saturday, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm; 1 session starting October 8, 2011, ending October 8, 2011

Class Description: Wondering what is involved in converting an internal combustion engine car to an electric vehicle? Or converting a bike or ATV? Learn what what you need to know before embarking on this adventure (costs, picking the vehicle, supplies needed, where to buy, what has to be made, how long will it take to prep the car, how long to convert, etc.). Class includes opportunities to ride and drive a variety of Electric Vehicles (bikes, scooters, ATV, trucks, cars.)

Instructor: Johnsen
Rm. AUT 106
Class Fee: $29.00

October 22, 2011 Previously offered: Introduction to AC Drives for Electric Vehicles

Saturday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm; 1 session starting October 22, 2011, ending October 22, 2011

Class Description: Learn the advantages and disadvantages of DC and AC motors. Gain valuable insight and knowledge of how AC drives work and how to apply them to vehicles. Class will provide hands-on operating demonstrations of motors and variable-frequency drives and other motors using bench-top equipment VFDs.

Please read: Your class is being held at North Seattle Community College Here are the driving directions to get you to NSCC Tech Building Room 1639 Go North on I-5 to Exit #173 Take a RIGHT off the exit to head South Take a RIGHT on 92nd and cross over the freeway Take a RIGHT on College Way N Take a RIGHT at 95th Go to the stop sign Take a LEFT into the SE Parking Lot You are now at the Technology building …. Go to room 1639 Parking is free on Saturdays, so you can park in any spot except the visitor spots on the west side of campus. Here’s a link to our directions page:

Instructor: Bentler
Rm. Off Campus - North Sea Com Coll Tech Bldg #1538 & 1639
Class Fee: $65.00
Please read: Your class is being held at North Seattle

Register at or call Continuing Education office 206-764-5339.