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EPClass Schedule

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June 16th - June 22, 2008 (Monday through Saturday) South Seattle Community College: Electric Vehicle Conversion Class

Putting in new electric components (6 days): Instructors: Mike Brown and Shari Prange, owners of Electro Automotive ( This workshop will guide students through the complete process of converting a vehicle to electric power. Classroom sessions will be combined with hands-on shop sessions. By the end of the workshop, the group will have completed a running electric car conversion capable of highway speeds and 50-70 miles range.

Students will learn the principles behind good component layout, battery rack, and box design and construction, and wiring, with hands-on experience installing the components. They will also learn how to apply these principles to different types of vehicles, and learn about the differences between AC and DC drive systems, and different types of batteries. Each student will receive a copy of the book "Convert It". Topics Include

  • Expected performance
  • Choosing a suitable chassis
  • Components and their functions
  • Overall layout
  • Designing & fabricating support structures
  • Wiring
  • Testing & troubleshooting
  • Driving & Maintenance"

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