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Educational Program Class Sub Pages: - Schedule - Instructors - Donations - Future Classes - Contact

Visit our EPClass Schedule page for a description of upcoming classes.

Electric Vehicles classes at South Seattle Community College

  • EV Conversion
  • EV Introduction
  • EV Batteries
  • E Bikes
  • E Scooters
  • EV Motors
  • EV Electricity
The classes fill up fast and there is usually a waiting list.
Visit our EPClass Schedule page for a description of upcoming classes.

Hand Outs for NEW EV OWNERS you meet or SEE

A THREE page hand out to be given to folks with an Electric Car, who do not know of us... SEVA I have been giving them out for over a year, and it brings folks to us...

Sorry all three documents can't be just POSTED right here. But one is a .doc, one is a .pdf, and the third is a .jpg So here they are for your own Down-Load and reproduction. I put the "letter of Thanks on TOP, followed by our generic SEVA hand out, and last, the EAA Membership application, in a tri-fold, and give them out where ever I see a fresh new Tesla, or Leaf, or "Mi-EV" or Ford EV, etc:

I also like the IDEA of a kind of Generic SEVA/EAA business card.. I will be looking round for some kind of EAA Template.

Here are the LINKS:

Letter of Thanks: ( http:/ )

Generic SEVA info: ( http:/ )

EAA Application: ( http:/ )

I've double checked the LINKS, and they are all UP and Downloading.

One other very good idea, is to print up some of these and give them out to our local "Cracker Jack" EV Dealers !! Have them give one pack out to each and every new EV Customer.