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Conversion Hybrids

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Hybrid Conversions and other similar More EVish Hybrid Projects.

General Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Links.

Prius Plus

The Prius+ Project has successfully converted a number of Gen2 Prii with additional battery capacity (PbA thus far) and grid charge ability which is used for extended EV-Mode range or in higher speed Mixed-Mode Gas-Electric driving while using more Electric power than usuail to increase mileage into the 100's of MPG area... Stay Tuned!

Discussion Groups

MIMA Project

Manual IMA (Intigrated Motor Assist) control project is working on an IMA (Assist/Regen) on demand feature for the Honda Hybrids. Though not exactly a PHEV project it could be a handy feature to have in a more Plug-able Honda Hybrid Conversion or such...

Hybrid Truck Project

Projects to create a Hybrid.