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  • Washington State has a number of incentives for electric vehicles thanks to forward-thinking legislators and the work of many SEVA members such as Jeff Finn who is pictured here charging his LEAF in front of the Capitol, Pictured with him is SEVA President Stephen Johnsen.

SEVA Legislative Action Alert List

Would you like to add your voice to support transportation electrification in Washington State? Would you like to receive alerts on Electric Vehicle related legislation in this upcoming session?

If so, then please send an email to JJ McCoy, SEVA’s Legislative Agenda Coordinator: jjmccoy72@gmail.com.   Please put “Legislative Action List” in the subject line and include the following information in the body:

Thank you for helping advance the adoption of Electric Vehicles in Washington!

2016 Legislative EV Bills:

SEVA response to “Phony Math and Ironic Economics Used to Justify Electric Car Tax Breaks” article about the carbon emission savings page prepared by SEVA for the proposed extension to the Washington State electric vehicle sales tax exemption.

2015 Legislative EV Bills:

SEVA’s 2015 Legislative Agenda:

These are the legislative items SEVA focused on in 2015.

All  Past SEVA Legislative Agenda Items:

Here’s a complete list of all legislative items SEVA has supported over the years.

Washington State Electric Vehicle Action Plan 2015-2020  (.PDF)

Image of Washington State EV Action Plan PDF
Click Image for WA EV Action Plan