• Image of an electric Toyota RAV 4
    Practically any vehicle can be electric and SEVA members own and drive many different electric models.


What’s It Like To Drive an Electric Car?

Driving an electric vehicle is like going back to the future!

Electric vehicles have a proud history as some of the first horseless carriages on the road in the 1800s.Until recently, electric vehicles have been limited to specialized uses and conversions by EV enthusiasts.

The advent of new battery technology such as lithium ion chemistry allows today’s EVs to go much faster and further than ever before, and this new generation of EVs promises to revolutionize the transportation industry.

Now more than ever, drivers are adopting electric transportation to save money, reduce maintenance needs, support the local economy and protect the environment. Oh, and they also appreciate the superior performance and handling of EV.

Why Go Electric?

Image of Bothel High School's Electric Drag Racer

Power, speed,  environment and more! Click here to learn why!

Meet some of our modern pioneers here!  (SEVA Owners’ Profile)

Grace Reamer & Mr. “B” w/ their Coda Electric

Kenneth G. Johnsen & His TESLA Model S
Dr. Kenneth G. Johnsen & His TESLA Model S

Steve Lough
SEVA President Steve Lough Emeritus with his Mitsubishi i-Miev

Image Chad Hohn With His LEAF
Chad Hohn With His Trusty LEAF “I haven’t bought gas in years!”