Next-gen Chevy Volt gets Corvette looks, adjustable regen levels

2016 chevy volt

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The hood may say “full speed ahead.” The regenerative braking system says “slow down a bit.” One person’s automotive improvements is another’s identity crisis, all in a day’s work analyzing the new Chevrolet Volt.

The next-generation version of General Motors’ first extended-range plug in will include design touches taken from to the new Chevrolet Corvette, GM’s iconic sports car. Hexagonal taillights and a “taut” hood will be part of the new package, Automotive News says, citing General Motors design chief Ed Wilbur.

But does that mean the Volt is shedding much of its green-car cred? Not at …read more

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Tesla Model S drivers put way more miles on their cars than Nissan Leaf owners do (we think)

Tesla Model S

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Just a few weeks ago, Nissan announced that its customers have driven over a billion electric kilometers in the four years that the world’s best-selling EV has been on the road. That heady milestone means, Nissan says, that the Leaf has saved 180 million kilograms of CO2 emissions around the world.

The billion kilometers have been split among the 147,000 Leaf vehicles that Nissan has sold. Well, not really, since the billion kilometer total only counts Leaf EVs registered with CarWings, which Nissan says is 54 percent of the total sales. That’s 79,380 cars and results in …read more

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There’s a familiar ring to this 1966 video of GM’s hydrogen ElectroVan

1966 GM Electrovan Hydrogen

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“What we need is fuel cells that can run on a hydrocarbon fuel and air.”

It can be fun and educational to revisit the past as we look into the future. While we do have cars that plug in today, the first big batch of hydrogen powered vehicles is not yet arrived (but the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell CUV is leading the way). The idea of hydrogen as a promising future technology was also true in 1960s, when General Motors made a promotional movie for the ElectroVan. Turns out, the future then shared more than a little …read more

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Recharge Wrap-up: Honda FCV Concept comes to Detroit, Toyota seeks young green energy fellows

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New Toyota Mirai videos continue questionable hydrogen claims

2016 Toyota Mirai in White

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“Toyota engineers were simultaneously working on a brand new technology that met all the driver’s needs with an even smaller carbon footprint.”

Toyota has released a number of new promotional videos for the hydrogen-powered 2016 Mirai. Most are exactly what you’d expect: pretty, full of promise and vaguely informational. But there was one line in the Product Introduction video that caught out ear.

In the Product Information video about the Mirai, the narrator goes into a short history of Toyota’s green car advances. After talking about the Prius and the Prius Plug In, making EVs for urban …read more

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Recharge Wrap-up: Smart celebrates 5 years in China, France wants to quit diesel

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Ninebot One is a self-balancing, hands-free electric unicycle. Think of it as a one-wheeled, no-hands Segway with some extra features. Like riding a bicycle for the firs time, it requires some getting used to, but the benefits seem worthwhile. Depending on the model, it offers up to nearly 19 miles of range on a single charge. It is fairly compact, using a single, 16-inch tire and it weighs about 30 pounds. Maximum speed ranges from 8 to 12 mph. It uses an app to track your travel and other stats. See what sort of …read more

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Smarter charging, load leveling can save $10,000 a month in electricity costs

New FedEx Electric Power Delivery Truck

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Longtime electric-vehicle drivers will tell you that, when it comes maximizing efficiency while driving, smoothness counts. And it looks like the same goes for the electricity of the buildings charging those vehicles. Which is why General Electric is running a pilot program of plug-in vehicle chargers in New York, Wired reports.

GE is working with Con Edison and Columbia University researchers to develop a plug-in charging system that can forecast peak electricity usage times of certain buildings and then – and this is the trick – adjust car-charging levels accordingly. For instance, …read more

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Recharge Wrap-up: Chicago and NY taxis consider their own hailing apps; Zipcar extends one-way service in Boston

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at GigaOM.

Andromeda Interfaces has released a video for its Electric Vehicle Interface Controller (EVIC). The EVIC is a display module that monitors efficiency and consumption and interprets that data for the driver. It works as a configurable dashboard with all the important data especially important and specific to EV driving, whether that’s range, voltage, rpm, temperatures and the like. The EVIC is meant to be affordable, and suitable for aftermarket or OEM customers, as well as commercial and industrial EVs. See the video below for more information.

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First Tesla Model S P85D owner says it’s ‘night and day’ improvement

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The first public owner of a Tesla Model S P85D says the model’s autonomous-driving feature that more-or-less allows for the all-electric sedan drive itself hasn’t been activated yet. We should all have such troubles.

Southern California resident Kevin Babineau was indeed the first customer to take delivery of a Tesla Model S P85D, which features a dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup. Babineau is a longtime car collector, with Humvees and a ’69 Chevy Impala in his garage. He previously owned a Tesla Roadster, as well, according to an account he gives to …read more

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Recharge Wrap-up: Shift to offer Teslas for Hire, Model S P85D beats Ferrari in drag race

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Nissan UK has confirmed the price of replacement batteries for the Leaf. UK drivers will be able to buy new batteries for 4,920 pounds (or about $7,738). That’s considerably more than the price of at Autocar.

The Tesla Model S P85D walloped a Ferrari in an impromptu drag race video. The Ferrari driver pulls up alongside the Tesla and asks, “What you got in there?” before challenging him to a race. The Ferrari gets a head start, but the Tesla pulls out ahead quickly. The video also gets the reactions of some …read more

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