SEVA Award

The SEVA Award is given to SEVA members that have accomplished significant and lasting contributions for electric vehicles.  Past award winners have been:

2016 – Chuck Benson.  Creative tinkerer, efficiency guru, long-time EV advocate and SEVA supporter.  Chuck hosted many, many meetings at his house and served as Treasurer.

2015 – Rich Rudman.  Over a decade of EV racing and providing unique chargers and battery systems for people doing conversions.

2014 – Jeremy and Pam Smithson.  Decades of solar installations and EV driving and more recently dozens of EV charging station installations as well as hosting a Charge for Change location.

2013 – Dave Cloud.  By far the most prolific converter of gas cars to EV in our association with over a decade of conversion experience as well as many EV racing records (dragsters, electrathon, bicycle and hydroplane).

2012 – Don “Father Time” Crabtree.  Over a decade of pioneering home engineering as well as help toward people and his own impressive EV drag racing creations.  He still races well into his 70’s.

2011 – Jeff Finn.  Many electric miles and carshows for Voltrunner plus massive amounts of legislative work done including the incredibly Pro-EV bill HB1481 from 20019, SEVA101 website, name badges, static cling window stickers, Charge-for-Change and much more.

2010 – Steve Lough.  Decades of EV advocacy.  EV sales at his dealership and keeping SEVA alive when almost nobody knew about EVs and small handfuls of people coming to the meetings.