Welcome to the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

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    Many SEVA members are also members of the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) and they race their electric vehicles during race season at nearby Pacific Raceways.


The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) is an all-volunteer group of Seattle-area folks who are passionate about  all things having to do with electric cars.  Our members run the gamut from brand new Tesla owners to folks who have been converting old gasoline cars   since the 1980’s.

We participate in car shows, educational events and political events having to  do with electric vehicle legislation. But we mostly get together to have some plain, old fun at our free monthly meetings and by simply driving around on our zero-emission wheels.

SEVA also serves as a gateway to the latest press and information on and about electric vehicles. Jump on in to see what’s happening in the world of electric cars!

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The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association actively participates in many car shows throughout the year.

Car Shows and “EVents”: November-December 2018

  • ONGOING:Tesla Owners Club of the PNW (TOCPNW) has an events calendar up: https://tocpnw.org/events/
     Some events are private, but some are open to the public, and in fact some are meant as outreach. Not all are local..
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    SEVA member Lee Colleton's Mitsubishi MIEV at Stephen's Pass

Winter Driving Tips for EVs

It’s that time of year again, when we start getting those panicky calls for help:

“What happened to my electric car — I’m sure in the middle of summer my range was much greater than this! My batteries must be dying*already* or my motor, or something!”

So, let’s go over again all the reasons — some controllable — why electric cars “lose range” in the fall and “lose range”:

1) Tire pressure.  Tires represent about 5X more of an electric cars “energy budget” than a gas car — […read more…]

SEVA joins governor for DCFC Ribbon Cutting
SEVA in the News:

Img of Federal 2019 EV Tax Incentives Art


For TESLA only:

Federal Tax Credit For Vehicles Delivered
$7500 On or before December 31, 2018
$3750 January 1-June 30, 2019
$1,875 June 30, 2019-December 31, 2019


For ALL OTHER electric vehicle brands:


Federal Tax Credit For Vehicles Delivered
$7500 Until automakers of each separate, respective brand hit the 200,000 unit sales mark. See link below for more info.


Go to https://www.energy.gov/eere/electricvehicles/electric-vehicles-tax-credits-and-other-incentives for more info.

Img of WA State Sales Tax Exemption for EVS

Washington STATE Alternative fuel vehicle sales tax exemption ENDED May 31, 2018

The Department of Revenue has notified the Washington State Auto Dealers Association that the alternative fuel vehicle sales tax exemption will end on May 31. To have received this tax exemption, your vehicle must have been delivered on or before May 31, 2018.

If you are received your vehicle after May 31, 2018, you will be required to pay all applicable sales taxes.

Scroll down to Clean Alternative Fuel and Plug-In Hybrids, and then click on Qualifying Vehicle Count.

Img of EVs at Pacific Racewa

EV News Headlines

  • Open Card Surgery: How To Hack A Tesla Model 3 Key Card (1/22/2019)- Zack Nelson searches for a better form factor for the Model 3's RFID chip. There are currently several ways to enter your Tesla Model 3. The most common way is via bluetooth on your smartphone. However, Tesla provides two alternative options as well. Every Model 3 comes with a black key ...read more
  • California considers an EV mileage fee to support road infrastructure (1/22/2019)- Traditionally, funding to maintain road and highway infrastructure comes from a gasoline tax, which means drivers of ICE vehicles contribute to the fund in proportion to how much they drive. However, the rise of EVs could cause receipts from gas taxes to dwindle. California, the state with the highest level of ...read more
  • GM to collaborate with EVgo, ChargePoint and Greenlots (1/22/2019)- General Motors will partner with EVgo, ChargePoint and Greenlots, three of the US's largest charging networks, to give its customers access to over 31,000 charging ports. GM plans to aggregate dynamic data from each of the networks to offer owners of the Chevrolet Bolt EV a more seamless charging experience. GM ...read more
  • Rare Tesla Model 3 Longhorn Edition Makes Debut (1/22/2019)- Hook 'em horns? There was a time in America (ok, mostly in Texas) when owners of large Cadillacs might adorn the immense hoods of their cars with a set of horns. No, not train horns. Cow horns. And not any old cow, either. Only the impressive rack of a particular type ...read more
  • The Biggest Challenge Facing Electric Cars Is Still Affordability (1/22/2019)- Falling EV battery prices resulted in longer range. Not lower purchase prices. When Elon Musk announced job cuts at Tesla last week, he gave a clear reason for the belt-tightening. “We face an extremely difficult challenge: making our cars, batteries, and solar products cost-competitive with fossil fuels,” he wrote to his ...read more