Welcome to the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

  • Seattle Electric Vehicle Association at Woodinville's 21 Acres Farm Festival, 2017


The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) is an all-volunteer group of Seattle-area folks who are passionate about  all things having to do with electric cars.  Our members run the gamut from brand new Tesla owners to folks who have been converting old gasoline cars since the 1980’s.

We participate in car shows, educational events and political events having to  do with electric vehicle legislation. But we mostly get together to have some plain, old fun at our free monthly meetings and by simply driving around on our zero-emission wheels.

SEVA also serves as a gateway to the latest press and information on and about electric vehicles. Jump on in to see what’s happening in the world of electric cars!

Img of Car Shows

Car Shows and “EVents”

We LOVE car shows and participate in many during any given year. We also display at other local festivals as well when invited! Shows are great places to come out and learn about electric vehicles of all types. See our calendar page for a list of recent past shows. Meanwhile, 2018 show schedules are brewing.

Image of MIEV in Snow

Winter Driving Tips For EVs

It’s fall 2017 and we are heading into the rain & snow season here in the Pacific Northwest.  SEVA member James Adcock offers a few  winter driving tips for electric vehicles…[…read more…]

Img of WA State Sales Tax Exemption for EVS

Fall 2017 : Update on Washington State Sales Tax Exemption for Electric Vehicles

The Washington State Department of Revenue finally posted updated numbers today (10/16/17) for the sales tax exemptions that have been granted for EVs. As of the end of September, the number was up to 5,678. That means about 1,800 more cars can take advantage of this exemption before the limit of 7,500 is reached. At this rate, the limit will be reached in five to six months.You can look up the monthly updates online at https://dor.wa.gov/find-taxes-rates/tax-incentives/incentive-programs#1133. Scroll down to Clean Alternative Fuel and Plug-In Hybrids, and then click on Qualifying Vehicle Count.

SEVA in the News

On Sunday, June 18, 2017, The Seattle Times AUTO Section  featured a lengthy article called “Batteries Included! Seattle Electric Vehicle Assocation Leads the Charge” (by Tom Voelk)  about SEVA’s  37-year history promoting electric vehicles in the Puget Sound Region. Thank you, Tom, and Seattle Times! Click here to read article.

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EV News Headlines

  • BYD Delivers First All-Electric Garbage Truck To Palo Alto (11/19/2017) - This month, GreenWaste of Palo Alto has begun a one-year pilot to test the first all-electric full-size, fully automated side loader garbage collection truck in North America. The refuse truck was supplied by the BYD, which is just now entering the EV truck market in the U.S. The truck can... ...read more
  • New Tesla Roadster Rendered In Shooting Brake Form (11/19/2017) - It didn't take long for the new Roadster to get a long roof. Just days since Elon Musk's surprise reveal of a new Tesla Roadster and there are already renders of what else it could become. In this case, we start with the ever-popular shooting brake because honestly, who wouldn't ...read more
  • South Korea EV Sales Exceed 10,000 YTD For First Time Ever – Thanks IONIQ (11/19/2017) - South Korea has noted strong growth of its plug-in electric vehicle sales this year, fueled by a government tax cut, subsidies and a expanding charging infrastructure. Of course by the introduction of better, more capable EVs on the market. But mostly, just thanks to the Hyundai IONIQ Electric. In fact,... ...read more
  • Next-gen Tesla Roadster will be the fastest car ever produced (11/19/2017) - The Tesla Semi promises to revolutionize the trucking industry, with unpredictable effects on our economy and society. But for lovers of electric speed, the big rig was upstaged at Thursday's reveal event by a little surprise Tesla was hiding in the trailer. The new Tesla Roadster will be the fastest production ...read more
  • BMW To Issue Stop Sale and Voluntary Recall For All US i3s (11/19/2017) - While it hasn't yet been formally announced, it appears that BMW is on the verge of recalling every i3 that has been sold in the US since the 2014 launch (roughly 30,000 units). In addition, a Stop Sale order has been made, meaning no more i3s will be delivered to... ...read more