Welcome to the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

  • Image of SEVA President Stephen Johnsen teaching an electric vehicle class at South Seattle Community College
    For many years SEVA members have taught electric vehicle technology courses at South Seattle Community College including a course where a gas car is converted to electric in just 6 days!


The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) is an all-volunteer group of Seattle-area folks who are passionate about  all things having to do with electric cars.  Our members run the gamut from brand new Tesla owners to folks who have been converting old gasoline cars since the 1980’s.

We participate in car shows, educational events and political events having to  do with electric vehicle legislation. But we mostly get together to have some plain, old fun at our free monthly meetings and by simply driving around on our zero-emission wheels.

SEVA also serves as a gateway to the latest press and information on and about electric vehicles. Jump on in to see what’s happening in the world of electric cars!

SEVA in the News

On Sunday, June 18, 2017, The Seattle Times AUTO Section  featured a lengthy article called “Batteries Included! Seattle Electric Vehicle Assocation Leads the Charge” (by Tom  Voelk)  about SEVA’s  37-year history promoting electric vehicles in the Puget Sound Region. Thank you, Tom, and Seattle Times! Click here to read article.


Img of Car Shows

Get Ready For 2017 Car Show Season!

We LOVE   car shows! Not only are they fun for the whole family, but shows are a great way to come see what electric cars are all about! Come on by  and visit us at any one of the following:

2017 Car Shows

Visit the SEVA Calendar Page for more details.


Img of EVs at Pacific Racewa

EV News Headlines

  • Australia Will Build An Electric Super Highway To Support EVs (8/16/2017) - Queensland in Australia soon will get an electric vehicle Super Highway, which enable zero emission driving through 1,800-km (1,118-mile) of its east coast, alongside the Great Barrier Reef. The major hardware supplier for the project is Tritium (Veefil fast chargers), supplemented by Schneider Electric (EVlink fast chargers). At first, the... ...read more
  • Tesla Maps – New Versus Old – Video Comparison (8/16/2017) - Take a look at Tesla's current map UI and the new (upcoming) UI with side-by-side, simultaneous video and audio feeds. We recently reported that Tesla was updating its mapping and navigation software, as well as looking to MapBox and Valhalla for open source support. Tesla began updating its fleet in... ...read more
  • 2017 Karma Revero: first drive of reborn luxury plug-in hybrid sedan (8/16/2017) - The 2017 Karma Revero remains as much of a head-turner today as the low, sleek four-door sedan was when it debuted a decade ago under another name. It also happens to be a range-extended electric luxury sedan, though we tend to think that the Karma would sell just as well ...read more
  • Startup with former Tesla execs to introduce a commercial electric truck this fall (8/15/2017) - A new player has popped up to join the growing ranks of commercial EV makers. California-based Chanje has assembled a team of execs with impressive experience in the EV industry. President Ian Gardner is an alumnus of the Boston Consulting Group, Duke Energy and the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator. COO ...read more
  • MXene Combines Supercapacitor Tech With Large Format EV Batteries (8/15/2017) - Researchers in Drexel University's College of Engineering are developing a new battery electrode design that will enable recharging in minutes…or even seconds. The apparent key to solve the problem of uber-fast charging is to use a highly conductive, two-dimensional material called MXene. The team has demonstrated charging of thin MXene ...read more