Welcome to the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

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    Electric vehicles can go anywhere gas vehicles can go as demonstrated by SEVA members Grace Reamer and Kevin Boze who forded a small river in their Coda electric sedan.


The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) is an all-volunteer group of Seattle-area folks who are passionate about  all things having to do with electric cars.  Our members run the gamut from brand new Tesla owners to folks who have been converting old gasoline cars since the 1980’s.

We participate in car shows, educational events and political events having to  do with electric vehicle legislation. But we mostly get together to have some plain, old fun at our free monthly meetings and by simply driving around on our zero-emission wheels.

SEVA also serves as a gateway to the latest press and information on and about electric vehicles. Jump on in to see what’s happening in the world of electric cars!

SEVA in the News

On Sunday, June 18, 2017, The Seattle Times AUTO Section  featured a lengthy article called “Batteries Included! Seattle Electric Vehicle Assocation Leads the Charge” (by Tom  Voelk)  about SEVA’s  37-year history promoting electric vehicles in the Puget Sound Region. Thank you, Tom, and Seattle Times! Click here to read article.


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Get Ready For 2017 Car Show Season!

We LOVE   car shows! Not only are they fun for the whole family, but shows are a great way to come see what electric cars are all about! Come on by  and visit us at any one of the following:

2017 Car Shows

Visit the SEVA Calendar Page for more details.


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EV News Headlines

  • Other Automaker Execs Still Don’t See Tesla As A Threat (7/22/2017) - AUTO INDUSTRY EXECUTIVES CONTINUE TO DOWNPLAY THE THREAT FROM TESLA Recently, another group of auto industry executives decided to brush off any notion that Elon Musk and company could pose a threat to their brand. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said, “We see Volkswagen as the company that can stop Tesla, ...read more
  • Porsche May End Diesel Offerings, Switch To Electric (7/22/2017) - Porsche (as part of Volkswagen Group) also suffers from the recent Dieselgate scandal, and according to company CEO Oliver Blume, Porsche is considering whether or not to ditch diesel engines. The German brand currently diversifies its powertrain portfolio via petrol, electric and plug-in hybrids. The future of diesel to be ...read more
  • Tesla Turns To Open Sourcing For Updates To Mapping Platform (7/22/2017) - Tesla is taking multiple steps to improve its mapping platform ahead of full self-driving vehicles. While Tesla's navigation system is highly advanced, especially when compared with competitors' offerings, it still leaves much to be desired, and isn't quite ready for fully autonomous transportation. The electric automaker is continually improving the ...read more
  • Formula E Driver Nelson Piquet Jr Interviewed By His Sister, Details Flow – Video (7/22/2017) - Motorsport.com's Julia Piquet Interviews Her Brother, Nelson Piquet Jr As many of you know, Nelson Piquet Jr is a Formula E champion (2015 season), and currently drives for Next EV in the all-electric racing series. Piquet also contributes columns to InsideEVs on racing and electric vehicle technology. Now the ...read more
  • Musk Comments On Hyperloop From Fremont To San Francisco For Gigafactory Cost Savings (7/22/2017) - Elon Musk's latest venture, The Boring Company, seems to hitting the news almost daily after and extended period of almost no new developments. Just after announcing verbal approval from the federal government for a New York-Philadelphia-Baltimore-DC Hyperloop, more projects are now being suggested. Recenly, Elon Musk was asked about the ...read more