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EVents 2010 07 17

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[edit] Shoreline Solarfest & Vashon Strawberry Festival Parade

[edit] Shoreline Solarfest: July 17 2010

[edit] Vashon Strawberry Festival Parade: July 17 2010

Note that there is also a car show on July 18. Many roads will close at 10am; early arrival recommended. The cars will park for viewing on Vashon Hwy SW, south of Bank Road immediately following the parade. If you're driving an EV VEVA can provide not only VIP parking 1/2 block from the start of the action but some charging as well.

If you drive a gas car you'll have to park up to a mile away and walk to the parade/fair. Another option might be walk on to the ferry and take the bus from the dock to Vashon town, about 6 miles.

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