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EVents 2010 06 26

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[edit] Gasless on Greenwood

The 18th Annual Greenwood Car Show will be held on Saturday June 26th


Car show hours are 8:00am-4:00pm

The gate opens at 6:30am

Greenwood Car Show Site

WOW !! Ask and you shall Receive, some one once said. First Business was the Greenwood Car Show. None other than their BOS, Brian Canfield, came by to give us an UP-Date and a Pep Talk. We all know that some of the Hot Rod/Custom/Antique crowd probably wish we would go away, but Brian is All for us being there. Mater of fact, he is an x- Applicant for the Head Job down at the TESLA dealership. No he didn’t make the cut. He’s driving a Miata, not a Tesla, but his heart is in the right place. The Car Show is now an official SeaFair EV-ent. The City has given them even more space on Greenwood Ave, and they may have enough room for a 1000 cars, in stead of the 700 they had last year.

So I put out the IDEA about a Pic Nic after the Show Right IN Woodland Park, near our Rendezvous parking lot at 50th Street NE, and Whitman Ave. Trouble is they wanted $90. to RESERVE it. So some one said “ LETS PASS THE HAT” And we came up with $87. just $3. short of our Deposit. So it is a GO.

The Pic Nic will be for ALL SEVA members !!! Not just the folks who bring cars. It’s a POT LUCK. Folks are urged to bring their own Pic Nic Supper Fix-ins, and drinks. Good thing is, folks wont have to Fight Parking in my neighborhood with their cars and trailers and such. They will all ready BE THERE. Down side, we will have to be VERY Discrete about our choice of Beverages, and How we consume them.. If you get my DRIFT.. It is a City Park Facility !!

The facility has a cook shed with water, and TWO Barbecue Devices. Even a 110 Plug, but not sure if it is LIVE… No it would not make for an EV Charging spot (sorry). You can view the Facilities ( Cook Shack #3) and tables at the following:

Have not decided exactly what SEVA will supply. For sure Charcoal, and perhaps Hot Dogs & Buns. Paper Plates, etc. The rest will be a Pot Luck for each Family attending.

I know there are some who are NOT on the e-mail list. If you know them… Call them… Get them IN the loop. We don’t want to go to all this trouble and only have 10 or 15 folks show up. I am counting on 30 or 40 !! Lets make it a REAL SEVA celebration !!

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