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Found an old page with the sales for this scooter, Keeping a local copy here for posterity sake because User:Rjf/Tiger_Scooter is built on this scooter.

2003 Tiger Electric Scooter

Perhaps what first comes to mind is the superb fun of its smooth, surging, and nimble ride on 12" wheels, its confidence-inspiring braking (both front and rear), and its exhilarating acceleration. Its firm handling lets you be in control (no merely hanging on to a tiger's tail here). Check the features, study the specification, and compare. Take a close look at its sure styling.

The Tiger's high quality fit and finish shows up in every detail. Note the LED state-of-charge light next to the on/off switch.

The brushless motor with built-in controller now provides 400 Watt of brute, continuous power for unsurpassed acceleration, and hill climbing.

Includes quick-removal seat+basket kit.

The '03 Tiger's new paws

Please note your scooter may not be legal to operate on highways, or bike lanes/trails in your state. Please also be aware that scooters may be unsafe to operate under certain riding conditions.

Weights and Folding:

  • Carrying Capacity 220 lbs

  • Scooter Weight 48 lbs

  • Folded 48" L x 12" W x 26" H

  • Handlebar folds down with Quick Release and Safety Lock.


Brakes and Safety Features:

  • Brake Type Rear 70mm Band Brake

  • Sure Stopping Power

  • High Quality Brake Lever

  • Throttle release switches off the motor.

  • Handlebar: High strength steel and stem, with quick release and safety lock which can be easily folded.

  • Throttle: Thumb type with variable speed that shuts off the motor when released.

Electric Scooter Index




Why choose the brand new '03 model Tiger?

Because the '03 model comes with road smoothing front suspension, gorgeous mag wheels, and even more power!

Ride the Tiger with seat and basket—or experience the great fun, ease, and maneuverability of stand-up scooter riding. The seat and basket kit removes in a minute. The new handle bar thumb throttle design brings on the power ever so smoothly. The handle bar stem folds in seconds and makes the Tiger stowable in many spaces.

The new Tiger provides a comfortable ride whether you want to go fast or need to navigate on crowded sidewalks. Front and rear brakes bring you to a stop with authority. Note the wide deck, front suspension, and the new mag wheels.

Please note: The actual color of the Tiger is a light orange. The color of the photos on this site may not accurately show the correct shade. The Tiger is also available in deep green.

Tiger Electrical System:

  • Motor Type: PowerCat, 24 Volt Brushless Motor, 400W continuous/800W peak, with Built-in Electronic Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) Controller
  • Variable-Speed Throttle displays level of charge with integrated LED lights.
  • Battery Pack/Voltage Sealed Lead Acid Dual 12 volt, 10 amp amp/hour Durable (Charges w/proper care 300-350 times)
  • Wiring Components High Quality
  • Main Power Switch features battery charge level monitor.
  • Charger Type 2 amp Smart Charger Does Not Overcharge Batteries
  • Recharge Time 3 to 7 hours. Store Battery in a Charged State

Drive System:

  • Drive System: Rear Drive Chain
  • Freewheeling system allows the scooter to "coast" without power.
  • Speed about 15 MPH—always wear a helmet!
  • Throttle Power-On-Demand makes for easy starting.
  • Rims/Tires Alloy Spoked Rims, Rubber Tire Size 12" x 2.125" Black Tires provide great traction on varied surfaces.

Frame and Deck Features:

  • Frame construction: Tubular High tensile Steel
  • W/Alloy One-Piece Deck and Tail Plate.
  • Removable Seat assembly and support frame.
  • Paint: Iridescent Black/Green
  • Deck Material: Aluminum
  • Features Safety (Non-Slip) Grip Tape


$489 + Shipping


Thanks to James McLean for allowing use of the material illustrated above. Photos by Phil H. Webber and Matt Sundin.