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SEVA meetings are held every second Tuesday.

EVents 2014 02 11

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Our monthly meetings are held at the Church of the Nazarene above the Mosaic Community Coffee House.

Join us at our SEVA Meetings

Unless otherwise posted here, or sent out over the SEVA Maillist each Monthly Meeting is Held on the Evening of the Second Tuesday of each Month commencing at 7 p.m. or there about. Meetings are held at the Church of the Nazarene at 44th St. NE, and 3rd Ave NE, just behind Dicks Drive In on 45th. Their fire damage has been repaired, and they welcome us back. We encourage visitors and members to help support this free venue with the purchase of some fine coffee and other refreshments downstairs at the Mosaic Community Coffee House.

February 11th 2014 Meeting

SEVA monthly meeting

Feb. 11, 2014

Mark Schiller, Vice President, presiding.

Three new members attending tonight.

• Ryan Thompson is a web developer, interested in converting a car with new battery technology.


• E-mail list serve - please keep posts professional and to the point about EVs. • Washington State has highest EV ownership per capita in the nation. • Steve Lough reports that Christopher Allen is publishing his new Electric Car magazine, with coverage of people driving his new Tesla. • 2014 calendars and license plate holders are still available ($5 each for Calendars and $5 each for license plate holders or 2 for $8). • Car Charging/Blink has new NW representative, Sylvia, in San Francisco. • Pat McCue just got a Ford Focus EV and negotiated a home EVSE included with the purchase.


• Roderick Wilde is organizing Route 66 rally this summer. • Wenatchee seminar in March for educators • All-EV car show at Triple X Root Beer in Issaquah on May 11.

Legislative Update was provided by Jeff Finn:

• ZEV (zero-emission vehicle) mandate has a sponsor identified, but needs more work, postponed until next year. • Transportation appropriation bills SB 6001 and HB2762, may include funds to extend road usage charge research and implement vehicle-miles-traveled fees. It does include $5 million for DCQC charging network, but it contains a lot of projects and no guarantees it will pass or get funding. • Elimination of $100 road use fee on motorcycles, HB2689 and SB6286, are both out of committee, and they compromised on $30. Still pushing for zero, but fiscal note for $155,000 to implement computer changes is holding it up. Sponsored by Rep Bergquist and Sen. Mullet. • Universal access to public charging stations, same as California, HB2711, sponsored by Rep. Habib, passed out of House Transportation Committee, despite some lawmaker concerns about placing a burden on the EVSE industry, so the legislation encourages standardization. • HB2671 and SB6496 adds BEVx vehicles to sales tax exemption, but would apply only to new BMW i3. It appears to have died in committee. • This summer, SEVA members will be working on getting sales tax exemption extended after expiration in July 2015. • HB2524 and SB6272 would limit manufacturers from selling directly to the public as part of non-competitive requirements. Final bill may not affect Tesla, but the requirement for equal treatment in requiring EV test equipment at dealers could be a disincentive to sell EVs. • SEVA members testified at four hearings during the last two weeks in Olympia, including Jenn Northern and Chad Schwitters. Nicole Grant from IBEW local testified, too. • NOW is the time to review bills and sent e-mails to legislators who represent you. • After the legislative session, cultivate relationships with EV-friendly legislators, such as Rep. Magendanz and Rep. Muri. Website Update, Mark Schiller: • SCCC class designed Wordpress framework, and SEVA members John, Pat, Stephen, Kevin, Grace and Mark helped with content. • Requesting ideas for new content for home page, and suggestions about anything missing or out of place. Look at and send comments to Mark Schiller ( • Site is mostly put together, but needs a few things such as organizing owner profiles, putting links in color, converting cars and activating calendar • Photos are needed! • Suggestion to have an easy way for members to go to old website forums. • Add information about vehicles that are not available here and how to get them. • Jeremy Smithson said he would write an owner profile about his experience buying an out of state RAV4.

Charging Station Location Survey, Mark Schiller:

• 58 people responded • About 34 sites were identified. on I-90, Hwy. 20, Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas, Hwy. 203, Hwy. 167, routes to Mount Rainier. • Top location was malls, then theaters, rest areas, and park-and-rides.

Member Survey last month, Mark Schiller:

• About 70 percent are age 40-70, indicating that it might be good to get new, younger people involved. • About 51 percent have been involved for three years or more. • 63 percent are members of EAA, and SEVA would like to get more to join. • Favorite parts of meetings are special presentations, show and tell, and then learning about EV legislation. • About 70 percent of members live in Seattle and Bellevue. • Skills include web development, communications, electricians and solar technicians, as well as others. • 78 percent drive less than 20 miles to the monthly meetings • 14 percent would like to charge at meetings. • 18 percent drive another car because charging isn't available at meetings. • Top choices for focus areas are education, legislation, a little less for public outreach, car shows, personal presentations, guest speakers and EV racing. • Majority want meetings about 1.5 hours long on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. • Majority want to get agenda before meeting. • Majority are interested in time limits on presentations. • Spending money on events, promotional materials and charging infrastructure is preferred. • Favorite project is creating better meeting space with shop, meeting room, EV charging, also creating low cost range extender, reusing batteries for house back-up, and creating a community solar charging station.