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#redirect [[EVents 2005 9 2]]
See also [[EVents 2005 9 4|NEDRA Woodburn Nationals]]
== Wayland Invitational Street Drags ==
John has been working on this since last year, it is being billed as the '''[ Wayland Invitational Street Drags]''' at PIR (Portland Intl Raceway) which opens at 6pm Friday nite.  The EVent will no doubt continue and will be a virtual EV circus on Saturday at the Wayland Juice Bar.  Finally wrapping up with the NEDRA Woodburn EVent on Sunday...
Per an [ EVDL post] from Ken Trough regarding the Sept. WIRED magazine coverage of NEDRA Nationals electric drag racing championships in Woodburn Oregon.  Don't forget the [  Wayland Invitational], and
[  Electric Breakfast and Media].
* [ Wayland Invitational Report]
* [ The Scream'n Breakfast]

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