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EVents/2007 07 20

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Sustainable Living and Renewable Energy Fair

The 4th annual Renewable Energy Fair will be held, once again, at Meridian Park Elementary School in Shoreline. It is scheduled for July 20th and 21st, 2007.

At its core, renewable energy is really about sustainable living. Renewable energy will never be enough for us until we make changes to our lifestyles in full view of the ecological implications of our industrial world and the choices we make about what we consume. As such, it is quite likely that this year's fair will be called the "Sustainable Living and Renewable Energy Fair" in order to recognize the wider focus that the fair has taken on over the past three years.

Although preparations are in full swing for this year's event, we still need your help. There are many opportunities to volunteer to help with the fair. Contact us at if interested. Kick Off for the 4th Annual Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Fair Shoreline Solar Project Presents

Friday, July 20th, 7 PM
Shoreline Conference Center
Shoreline Room
18560 1st Ave. NE
Shoreline, WA 98155
Admission is free
Hors d’œuvres
No-host bar

Donations are encouraged, and we will hold a silent auction with proceeds going to support Shoreline Solar Project.

Post EVent

Per Steven Lough

Shoreline Solar Fest was GREAT. Dan Davids did a great job at his lecture at 4 pm. I got to drive the Vectrix Super Scooter (! Thanks to Green Car Co. Green Car Co. which had 5 vehicles on display. Too bad the Vectrix has a $12K price tag. Would LOVE to have one. Easily excelerated up to 60+ up Meridian Av. UP HILL !! Even with threatening rain clouds, the crowd was extensive.