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EVents/2007 06 23

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Greenwood Classic Car and Rod Show & Third Second Annual Wenatchee Solar Drag Race

Greenwood Classic Car and Rod Show

Gasless On Greenwood 2007

Dates: Sat Jun 23rd
Show Hours: Saturday 10AM- 6PM
Setup Time: Saturday morning
Public Admission Price: Free!!
Vehicle registration has increased to $45
SEVA will try to cover what owners can not themselves.
Attendance: Over 80000
Event Location/Facility: Greenwood Ave between N 72nd and N 90th

Annual SEVA BBQ and Conflab at President Steve’s House – After the Car Show

For other years see Category:Gasless On Greenwood

Steven Lough - Gasless on Greenwood 2007 In the History Books

More people, More Electric Cars, More interested people. The Greenwood Hot Rod Show in North Seattle is a BIG one, and our EV-Exhibit was the best and biggest ever. 16 vehicles! And the crowds Loved every one of them.

Special Thanks have to go out to John Wayland, and his group. What an EV Trooper to drive two cars all the way up from Portland. He was swamped with interested spectators all day long. Thanks to Stephen Johnsen and his relatives and their beautiful S10-GM-EV, Thanks to Craig Vinton and His S10-EV and Segway. Thanks to Dan Davids and his mint condition Toyota RAV4-EV, Thanks to Paul "Neon" Gooch bringing his beautiful purple Electric Dune Buggy....and we pass to him our condolences over his Controller Failure. Story goes, it Failed ON, and almost put Paul and the Buggy into his neighbors motor home. Lucky for Paul it did not decide to Fail, until he got home. Thanks to Kent Bakke and his Red VW Bug driven to the show and back by Steve Marks.. Lots of people were drooling over his new $$ mult Thousand Dollar $$ pack of Li-Ion batteries. Thanks to Dave Cloud and his "Plug-In Hybrid Geo Metro" Very ingenious... a separate 5th electric drive wheel.. all manually controlled however.. Thanks to Ryan Fulcher and wife for bringing their Manzanita Micro PHEV Toyota Prius, along with constant EV Videos all day long from the trunk of the Prius. Thanks to Don "Father Time" Crabatree and his EV Drag Bike which actually Won a Prize for Best in Show for Scooters. Too bad he had battery problems on the way back to his truck n Trailer, but John Wayland caught up with him and gave him a helping hand. Thanks to Jeff Douthwaite and Kirby Jacobson for bringing a pair of 3-wheel Chinese Zap Xerba's. They were both crowd stoppers. Thanks to John Marshall and his new EV VW Rabbit Pick up. A wonderful example of a home conversion. Thanks to Dave Barden and his Electric Honda 600. Thanks to MC-Electric and Steve Mayeda for letting us bring a Dinasty IT electric. Lots of folks were excited to know such things were For Sale

And special thanks to my wife Donna who helped get our back yard in such wonderful shape for the SEVA Picnic after the show.

A personal apology to those folks who came late, and found that we were running out of food. Even though we could have made an EV Dash back to the store, some had to get going, without a proper meal. Sorry to the many folks who could not make the picnic. It was a good time to De-compress from a very active day on the streets of Seattle.

A Special SPECIAL Thanks ( Post Script)

a SPECIAL VERY SPECIAL Thanks to Chuck Benson. For it was he who got up at the crack of dawn, and went to 81st and Greenwood, and secured our parking spots, brought our banner, put up the banner, carried my e-bike over to the show, brought a wonderful bean salad to the picnic. We could not have done what we did with out his help....

I also know there were many SEVA members who came by foot, and helped out. Even saw Don Meyers and wife, all the way up from Vancouver Washington.

Also want to thank Andy Kane, a new member for coming to my place early Saturday and driving the "IT" to the show and back again... With out his help, it would have been very difficult for me to drive TWO cars at a time...

Also another apology for spelling Steve Marx name wrong my earlier POST. Steve drove Kent's VW to the show and back in Kent's absense ....(sorry steve )

Father Time - Gasless on Greenwood 2007 In the History Books

Hi, all,

Thanks to John and Tim, of White Zombie fame, for rescuing me along the way back from the Greenwood show to the parking lot. After getting home and checking my batteries, I found they were resting at an average of about 11.7 volts (very dead!). They charged back up and, after a couple of hours, are still holding at 12.7 average. There didn't seem to be any one battery weaker than the rest. They're five years old and getting tired. Last year I was able to get the full round trip and still have plenty of charge, maybe five miles worth of range. This year, three miles was the limit.

More important than winning an award was getting a chance to speak briefly to the Classic Car people and put in a plug for the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association.

I had a great time at the show and I want to thank Steve and his wife for putting on the post-show party at their house. My little truck made it home without any problems, if somewhat slowly. This trip was its first test run, although it was on gasoline. Sometime in the near future my plan is to turn it into a hybrid.

I was extremely impressed with Dave's ingenuity and his ability to create a working hybrid in three days, although he looked like he might be suffering from lack of sleep over the ordeal. I enjoyed Dave's comment that the only difference between his hybrid and some of the others at the show was approximately $30,000.00.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make a great EV showing in Greenwood.

- Father Time


Third Second Annual Wenatchee Solar Drag Race

On Saturday....The South Whidbey High School team set the world record for the 1/4km distance for solar drag racers, 29.5 sec at 25 mph, with our recycled soccer goal car!!

Check out

And yes....we are now basking in the glory!!