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EVents/2006 02 17

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White Zombie & Father Time-machines Together at the Portland Rod & Custom Show

Per EVDL_Maillist:2006./2./102 and EVDL_Maillist:2006./2./1133

  • Wow, 2006 is really shaping up to be quite busy for us at Plasma Boy Racing! The year's excitement starts out in just two weeks, when Father Time and I display our racing electrics at the prestigious Portland Rod & Custom Show. Both White Zombie and Blue Meanie have been shown in the original Portland Roadster Show in years past, and the hi pro EVs created quite a buzz. A few years back, this spin-off show was started, and today it's one of the biggest hot rod shows on the west coast.

    J.N Foods, the folks Father Time built the blue Legend electric car for, are hosting the booth and have invited us to bring White Zombie and display it along-side the Legend car and one of FT's electric drag motorcycles. You can catch a glimpse of the Legend car here:
    The details for this show can be found here:
    This should be a real hoot, and it will be a great showcase for our hi pro electrics. 10s of thousands will attend this show, so the EV exposure will be huge. I can hardly wait to see the reaction of hotrodders when they see '12.151 -at- 106.25 mph' posted next to WZ and watch it on video blow off muscle car after muscle car! We plan on promoting NEDRA EVents, daily EVs as alternatives to the foreign oil dependent gas car, and of course, the fun of building and driving a muscular electric hotrod on the streets!

    Maybe I should sent a personal email to President Bush and invite him to see what patriotic Americans have been building in their backyards? That'd make a pretty good photo-op, the president doing a burn-out in White Zombie...or, dressed in leathers on Father Time's electric drag bike!
  • February 17-19, 2006
  • Portland Expo Center
  • 2060 North Marine Drive
  • Portland, Oregon

Post EVent

  • EVDL_Maillist:2006./2./1240 Electrifying the Portland Rod and Custom Show - Jim Husted
    • I wanted to give everyone a report of how a small handful of EVers electrified the Portland Rod and Custom Show this weekend. Matt and I played hooky Friday and headed off over the mountain bright and early. The morning was cold and the roads icy and the trek over the mountain slower than normal. We arrived just when the Expo was kicking everyone out to prepare for the public. This allowed us all to get a bite to eat and to visit before the actual show started. Wayland, FT, and Tim had worked hard to set the booth up, as there were 3 vehicles crammed into a single style rope-off area, hehe. Eye candy filled every space available inside the Expo building, with nothing but beautiful cars and bikes everywhere. Tucked back in one of the far corners lurked the 3 EV's and the little cramped display.

      For a Friday I was surprised by how many people where there. The attention the EV's got was amazing!! I heard statements like they're hiding an engine in back, LMAO! Referring to WZ. I saw girlfriends and wives see the EV's and poke their partner with a look at that gesture and steer them to the display, how cool is that? Even a couple of people who had their clock cleaned by WZ recognized the car and were just smoked to see what was under the hood, and left shaking their heads.

      Now being that our group consisted of 5 people we tended to block our own display, which really sucked (although Matt was there more for the eye candy in both car and female form, hehehe). Even this became a mute problem when the huge groups of people would form and the Q&A would begin. I watched countless people blow by the display do to the wall of people looking and asking questions already there. I had brought my laptop and had some pics looping but I couldn't play any of the good DVD's we had, what a bummer indeed as a lot of people just wouldn't couldn't believe the WZ's times.

      Saturday brought a new tool to our arsenal in trying to capture the audience with a little eye popping proof of the cars capabilities. A small TV was set up using a loop of 4 or 5 Zombie runs playing and was just set atop the car. I loved watching the jaws drops and smiles it produced, and in fact started many discussions by saying that we call that the EV grin so often quoted here 8^ ). I thought Friday was packed but Saturday was insane. The groups forming around the display often pushed to the ropes of the opposite display.

      I have to go back to Friday now with a little side story. As I said they kick everyone out to prepare for the public. As we were exiting I noticed a guy unloading batteries from a van, for me nothing special. Wayland also sees this but also sees that they are Hawker batteries, hehehe. He swooped down on that guy like a buzzard on a rabbit carcass!!! LMAO. I'll let Wayland share more in depth but it was a very awesome chance meeting that could lead to even greater sponsorship for John via a direct corporate link. BTW he was there delivering batteries for a wheelie standing electric golf cart of all things.

      As an overview of the entire weekend it was a huge success. I was horse from all the talking, and my legs and back ached with all the standing by the end of each day. John and Tim seemed to receive some type of sick satisfaction in pointing me out as the motor guy anytime the motor was mentioned. I saw John taking more than one picture of me flailing my arms as I oozed in both passion and excitement like some mad conductor.

      In as much as we had our hands full with WZ, FT was running around like a 20-year-old fielding questions about his bike and the Legend car that sponsored the booth. I left around 6:30 Saturday evening to head back over the mountain and left the group to today's event. Even John doubts that WZ will receive an award and at the time of my leaving his was about the only paperwork that didn't have the mysterious red dot attached. In fact earlier I had noticed a couple that also didn't have dots. I told John and he says show me. Just as we arrive, there are 3 judges placing the red dot on the paperwork, how funny is that?? Regardless of the outcome the EV display was a huge success, and if they gave out a public attention / reaction award this display would win hands down. I hope you all enjoyed the post, thanks for letting me rattle, as I do have a bit of an EV hangover this morning, hehehe!
  • EVDL_Maillist:2006./2./1264 EVs Knock Down two 1st & one 3rd Place Trophies at Rod & Custom Show! - John Wayland
  • EVDL_Maillist:2006./2./1267 Re: Father Time
    • It's been a l-o-n-g weekend! This is just a quickie to let everyone know, that much to our complete surprise, all three of our racing EVs took home trophies from this weekend's Portland Rod & Custom Show.

      Father Time's electric Legend Car took first in its category over some pretty heady gas car competition, and in a field of too many racing motorcycles to list, his compact 'Frankendragon' electric motorcycle took an impressive 3rd place.

      White Zombie beat all contenders in the 'Unlimited Race' category and won the first place trophy.
  • EVDL_Maillist:2006./2./1265 EV display at Portland rod and custom show - Tim Brehm
    • I just made it home from the fourth day of the rod & custom show, as fun as it was I'm sure glad it's over. It did however give Wayland weeks of material to write about. It was very eventful there seemed to be a huge crowd around the EV display most of the weekend. Everyone loved watching the videos of the battery car pull the front wheels up and take off down the track beating most of the muscle cars it raced against.

      Many people that stopped by the booth already know about the little electric car that beat up on unsuspecting gas cars at the track and occasionally on the street. However there was one guy who made my whole weak end. While answering questions and showing the car I heard someone say "hey that car smoked my car on the track last year" as he was pointing to the White Zombie. I quickly made my way through the crowd to talk to him. He didn't realize that I had anything to do with the car as he told me it was faster than hell and tried to convince me that the car runs a low 9 second 1/4 mile. I assured him it only runs low 12s. He responded with" My 66 impala runs low 12s and this car left me at the line" . As he started looking a little closer at the car he got kind of a blank look on his face as he looked at all the batteries in the space where the back seat used to be. He made his way to look under the hood, now he seemed very confused as he turned to me and asked "where in the hell is the engine? I just about lost it, this guy had no idea he had been beaten by a battery car until now. The worst thing about it was he had three friend there laughing at him for losing to a battery powered Datsun. It probably ruined this guys day, but it sure made mine.

      This is just one of the many highlights of the weekend, I'm sure Wayland will have many posts and maybe if we are lucky he will explain the mysterious red dot he was obsessing about all weekend.